photo by Kelley Clayton
PSC has 16 members and 5 horses, and there is often a waiting list for membership.  Club members work collectively to care for the horses. Good communication skills, a collaborative and consultative way of being, and a sense of humor are highly valued!

Our horses are turned out daily from morning to late afternoon.  They are fed hay four times a day and a custom feed mix twice a day.  Rubber-matted stalls are bedded in shavings and mucked daily by Monastery barn staff.

  • Members can ride as many times a week as they wish, and can reserve a horse at a specific time once a week (twice if one reservation is for a lesson).
  • Since most of our members are working professionals, there is almost always a horse available to ride.
  • Members must be at least 18 years old.
  • Initiation fee: $400
  • Monthly dues: $300
  • Riders must be capable of independently grooming and tacking their horse
  • Hard hats are required.
  • Each horse has his own bridle and 1 or 2 saddles that have been custom fitted.